World War IX Presents: Earaches and Eyesores #3

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Exclusive offers. Top Selling Flute Titles! Movie Duets for All [Flute, Piccolo]. Alfred Duets for All Flute Piccolo? Externe Unternehmenskommunikation im Web 2. The potential for something good is here. This is a pretty solid, pretty good album, but it's a second-division release still. I think this band is from Ohio.


They don't go out of their way to let you know on the inlay card. This is a pretty good mix of black and death metal, with a production that takes me back to highschool, listening to Massacre's "From Beyond", or Deceased's "Luck of the Corpse. I think this CD is pretty good. They obviously worked hard on their songs, and they're trying to do some original shit, not just the same old Ohio wall of noise.

Ah, yes, the art of super low, guttural, visceral, incomprehensible growling. Grotesque, guttural death metal is the blood soup of the day.

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The overall tempo is blasting and lots of Suffocation-style riffing. The main feel is that of gore death, but with a pretty solid production, actually.

There are some cool moments, but this is no masterpiece or whatever. If you have not heard low and grinding stuff lately, then here you go.

Guide Dear Heart, How Like You This?

If you have lots of gore in your collection, this is interesting, but nothing to vomit to. Definitely an improvement on this, their third release.

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So far, with their first two, I found them generic and faceless, like a bar band playing "brutal" death. What's the difference?

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You can take them seriously now. Before I got the feeling that Mikael Akerfeldt went to the studio to growl for an hour or two on a weekend when he did not have anything Opeth-related going on. The songs and riffs are better. However, having said all that, this is not great, excellent music. It's pretty good death, but it does not run with the big dogs, like Nile and Hate Eternal.

World War IX - "Carrera con el Diablo"

Sludgy, dark, and somewhat groovy, this CD opens fire on your senses with a morbid glee. How exactly to describe this, I am not sure, but I can tell you that I was quite impressed, and listening to this made me want to see this band live. The vocals are utterly devoid of humanity, and will make you wonder at the throat of the man who emits these hoarse renderings for 73 minutes! With my limited resources, I am a little hard pressed to compare this to anything else I've heard, but it's a bit like Noothgrush, or Eyehategod.

Comparable, but not identical. I found it to have more of a dark feel, than either of the aforementioned, and it's more aggressive as well. I also felt a slight industrial-ness in this. Ultra-kool packaging and great sound combined with the relentless music make this one a must have. I think it will surprise even the most jaded audiophiles. It's about freakin time!

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Bolt T. When I heard that Karl was back in the league, that made it even better, but I think he has left again, which sucks. Like the Death review, what can I say? This is Bolt Thrower! Same crushing riffs that seems to pulverize everything else coming out of my stereo these days. You have bands that change their sound with time, while you have other bands who stick to what they do best: play crushing death metal with a lot of melody!

Anyone looking for some heavy and intelligent oriented crushing death metal that will not disappoint must get this and all albums by this magnificent band now! Fans of serious, exceptional metal should check this out. Borknagar creates its own world. No stupid Satan gimmicks, just catchy and complex textures of energetic beat-blasting progressive dark metal from Norway; lots of dynamics and interplay between blasting and melody.

The vocals are black and death metal and are very well done by Vintersorg, who also does a lot of great clean singing. The speed is dizzying and the melodies contagious. A must-have, no fat; all muscle. There is a certain type of U. The lyrics are always centered on general hate. More than anything, this is the type of rock that a lot of kids form in the small towns of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, etc. Red neck metal, anybody?

It's nothing to get excited about, unless you want more Danzig, Type O Negative, or goth rock. It sounds like bunch of guys trying to be dark, mysterious and romantically "evil. They cover the song "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd! It does sound gothy, yes, like Type O Negative covering the song.

The voice sounds deep, etc. They did away with the guitar solo, one of the few mildly interesting things by Skynyrd. Bronx Casket Co. Diehard Overkill and Seven Witches fans expecting head-banging heavy metal will be surprised, pleasantly or unpleasantly. I must say that this is probably one of the better tribute albums out.

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World War IX Presents: Earaches and Eyesores #3

We have Blood for Blood with "Ace of Spades", which was one of my favorites. Groovie Ghoulies with "R. Integrity is doing "Orgasmatron", which was a bit disappointing for me, only because I was expecting something different, but if you ask me, nothing beats Sepultura's version.